Hello Fall !

Well, Trina’s mom – me – is doing better with the stomach issues. My back is still in pain from the car accident (and my husband’s neck is a mess from the accident, too) , but Trina had her MRI completed with good and bad news. The good news is that her back and neck seem to be OK, but with the brain damage the MRI of the brain was a little scary. And, the scariest thing is that ever since the car accident she has been having small seizures every day. Prior to that we’d have maybe one or two a year – now every day! So, more doctor appts to see if that is the result of the jolt in the accident or ??? But, it needs to be understood and treated soon. We are all in Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, and massage weekly and hopefully this will expedite us all getting back to normal feeling good. Of course for Trina we just want the seizures to stop.

My husband Steve and I were discussing Trina and our time with her and our care for her the other night and even after 5 1/2 years of caring for her, we both feel blessed. No matter how hard it is at times, she exudes pure innocence, which is so awesome to be able to witness and experience. Her smiles also just cut through to your heart. As a mom, I miss the old Trina so much, but for whatever reason that girl had internal demons she couldn’t fight and now she is free from all of that. Almost all day and night we get smiles. Yes, some other sounds and screaming and those are the tough times but overall the faces are so cute and innocent that it is all JOY.

Blessings to all of you and again, thanks for checking in.



Summer Trials Arrive

Well, thank goodness we had the great part of the summer to enjoy as the testing came just over the last 6 weeks. This time not from issues with Trina, but with mom. I am supposed to be the sturdy one caring for others not the patient.

So, the great outcome is that I dodged a bullet – stomach cancer. And, I learned that I need to change my diet. My prayer to God is always please let me live a long time and be strong and healthy so that I can continue to care for my daughter Trina and have the ability to be a good Nana to my grandkids. Catching this nasty thing in my belly early was an answer to my prayers!

The other challenge was that on 7/18/16 a young gal hit us from behind at a high speed, causing back and neck injuries (and Trina is still being tested as for her to have an MRI she must go t Davis and be fully sedated. This is scheduled for 10/5/16. Prayers are welcomed as it’s scary to have to have her under anesthesia. And, we pray that her back and neck are not injured like ours. Of course chiropractic care, massages, and physical therapy will help us get on the other side of this, but it all moves slower due to what it takes to have Trina obtain the same care.

Challenges are no more than an awareness that once you are back on track with life – every moment is so much more appreciated! I am glad to be alive. I am glad we were not hurt worse in the car accident (a big thank you to my husband who was quick enough to turn the wheel enough so that when her car pushed us 70 feet from behind – at approx 45 to 50 mph – that we didn’t hit the cars in front of us but went off the shoulder).

Life is such that we take ONE day at a time. Be thankful no matter what and keep the prayers up daily. We could not live this life without reaching out to God and seeing answers to prayers, seeing miracles in the midst of the storms that come and go!

Thanks for those who still check in. We seldom ask for donations anymore, but this site allows you to donate any amount and it really helps. Right now we are having trouble driving Trina around and need an adult car seat to keep her safely in (she flails and kicks and scoots herself down to where she kicks the ceiling of the car, so we have to keep pulling over to reset her into a safe position). The cheapest one I can find is normally over $2,400 but I found one on sale for $1,200…and hoping enough donations can come in to help with that.

Blessings and talk with you all again soon.

Sincerely, From Trina’s mom SandyPhotoGrid_1447189235475


Summer 2016

20151123_145156Thanks for checking in.

It’s been a wild summer. Some good news and some continuing issues. What is awesome is that Trina’s infection in her feeding tube finally got healed. Yay! However, then she started having difficulties with her bowels. I will spare you the details, but that, too, is now better.

Therefore, here we are 2/3 through summer and get to enjoy it. So, almost everyday we do pool therapy for Trina. And, we take her to the coast and to the beach in her beach wheelchair. Getting back to these type of activities is wonderful after so many months of struggling with health issues.

Even Trina’s screaming has just recently improved because we started usually the holistic approach by using herbs put together by a company called “Rooted Moon.” The pharma prescribed by the doctors was not working!

Personally, we are taking each day with appreciation for the good days and the blessings. Tough days can so quickly beat you down that we have chosen to keep our focus on our faith and our blessings to stay strong and happy!

The big things we are working on right now is a new hospital bed and a better chair for Trina. Medi-cal only allows a very cheap-end bed where Trina needs a custom bed due to her flailing (which is a continued difficulty day and night). Her doctor wrote her a “custom prescription” but apparently Medi-cal says no. We are looking into other alternatives to find the right bed within the community or refurbished or ??? Open to ideas everyone.

At any rate, hope everyone is having a good summer. Thanks again for caring and checking in. One day at a time.

Blessings to all of you from Trina’s mom and family.


Better and better

Well, for many months I have written about a lot of trials with Trina’s health. Now I have a lot of praise reports:

1) Trina’s infection is GONE. YAY.
2) Steve, Trina’s step-dad adopted her (Katrina Leigh Harp).
3) I also changed my name so that we are all just The HARPS 🙂 I had kept my maiden name for many years and it was time to simplify.
4) It’s been a beautiful start of Spring with a lot of sunshine, so we’ve started again on our daily walks on the River Trail and Bike rides too. Love it.
5) We still go to the coast like once a month and can’t wait to take Trina to the beach again soon.
6) I have one grand baby, now 15 months old, with another on the way from my other daughter. SO, Trina is an Auntie, soon to be again. Vada is amazed by Auntie Trina…Like why is she an adult and yet I am bigger than her and can do more than her? In a few years she will “get it” more. For now, it is cute and endearing to watch. This makes for a very busy household at Nana’s house. Thank God I have a lot of natural energy to handle it all. We are already ready for the next grand baby. Trina is surrounded with more family – yay.

So many blessings. So much love. So much to be thankful for. When I look at Trina’s room that so many helped with and even the other blessings that came through my parents that enabled us to handicap our home and add a therapy pool with ADA lift – I cannot look far without feeling so humbled by it all. For those that helped us in our time of need – you are forever in our hearts and to my parents in Heaven – hope you are smiling for all that you blessed us with.

One day at a time. Press through the tough stuff and yet embrace it, make your lemonade, and then give thanks daily for all the love :)20151123_145156


Ups and Downs

Wow – another month is rolling by. And, though it’s been a rough month (which many have seen posted on Facebook)…with Trina’s tube being infected, to us having colds, and Trina’s overall balance, flailing and screaming all being consistent throughout the day and night.  Yet, a New Day always comes and things are getting better. Especially when the sunshine comes – we get out on the bike and life is good.

Thanks to everyone for the prayers and uplifting comments on FB as well as phone calls I received to check in and cheer me up. Every single comment and call did just that. And, Trina’s infection is literally 95% GONE. YAY.

We are still being challenged every day but that is a good thing in life. Thanks for the previous trials that we’ve learned from and may the journey remain full of hope.


Here we go 2016!

It’s hard to believe we are in a New Year already.  I shared a few transparent emotions as the year was closing, but we always stand back up, so yay to 2016 starting.

Good news to report. We obtained a med specialist out of Sacramento (TeleCam Doctor) in November and he started Trina on a new regiment of meds to help her out of control screaming spells. We are not 100% out of the woods with this but it is at least 80% better.

And, we still are blessed that Trina can stand as we assist her as she take steps, but her balance remains out of whack, so steps are minimal these days. We do exercise her other ways as part of her therapy routine done in bed and/or in her chair in the living room. I sure do miss the days when I could walk behind her in a tandem manner with surety that we were both safe. People thought it looked silly as I would go around our block outside with me fully wrapped behind her. However, with her loss of balance, that no longer works and is no longer safe. I keep “trying” for as soon as she can we will again!

I believe all people caring for loved ones with brain damage would agree that it is UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN and the one thing you can count on is CHANGE. We have to respond positively to it all as the alternative way of living I don’t even want to consider.

Holidays were awesome as Trina got to see a total of 28 people, family and friends. We even took her to Six Flags briefly yet had to use a caregiver to help watch her in a warm room!  It makes my heart sing when she gets to see family and feel a part of everything. Winter is tough since we can’t get outside too much, but we still try to make each day fun and with quality in it for her (and for us).

Thanks again to those who check in occasionally and who show that they care. I do not want Trina to be forgotten. One of my most favorite things about Trina is that she has thousands of faces to share – with big smiles (as shown below). I am SO thankful for this as it brightens every day.

Blessings to you all. Check in again soon,

Sincerely, Trina’s mom Sandy


2015-09-23 18.04.54

Day by Day

Treasure each day for what it has in it.

For the last few months, I have found myself “feeling” the weight of Trina declining – mostly since we’ve had the freedom in the past of taking her anywhere and seeing just peace on her. These last months have involved a lot of disappointment surrounding doctor appointments as no one has a suggestion except to add more meds. So today I made a decision to embrace once again this new level with a new renewed attitude and make the best of it. I cannot afford to let the difficulties tear me down emotionally as no one wins then. Trina deserves better and so do I.

The picture herein is of us recently taking her to the coast. We have new levels of having to help her not flail out of control when outdoors (the stimulus is affecting her differently recently) but overall I am glad we keep trying no matter what. Quality of Life matters. I will never give up.

Being and staying HAPPY in this life often takes work. I was actually sinking a bit without realizing it over these last months and by the grace of God my spirit hit a place where I had to choose again to stand tall, dust all this icky stuff off, and regain the attitude that is win-win for all. Without God in my life I can easily see this type of situation smashing me. So, thanks God again for catching me.

Blessings are always visible in the storm but we have to choose to see them. My prayer is that as I age I can still remain the best caregiver and advocate I can be…not only to my disabled daughter but to the rest of my family.

This post is written by Trina’s mom and about my own feelings. Yet I must clarify that my posts are not just about me – this is a family endeavor. My husband is amazing and he loves Trina very much as do her sisters. Everyone is affected differently and could write a blog about their feelings, too, but for today – this is mom sharing her stuff.


2015-09-23 18.04.54


A Good Month

Hello all.

October has now come and gone. Belated Happy Halloween. We have been taking Trina to the coast and it has been wonderful!  Also, we had caring friends visit (a first) and they did so awesome with Trina. Makes life so much better when you have tangible love appear.  Trina’s doctor finally found a new drug, after 8  months of trials, for sleeping better.  So, mom is now getting her 7 hours – YAY.  And, there is still screaming “at times” day and night but it is way, way better and more manageable. We are so thankful. It has been a difficult year and yet now as we head into the holidays we are experiencing some easier and more fun times.  We even had a caregiver for 3 hours one night and so we were able to attend a competition Trina’s sisters were in.  It was like a date! And, the caregiver we had now has a full time job but she said she can now and then watch Trina for us – and she is the only one so far that we found can “handle” all the difficulties. She is a can do person (Thanks Cindy!).  Other than that, it is a day at a time as always.

Blessings to all and we will write again soon.

Sandy (mom)PhotoGrid_1446933066430contact



GOOD Doctors and ANSWERS needed!

I have been trying to find help for over 8 months regarding Trina’s out of control behaviors from screaming for many hours in a day (sometimes up to 12) and flailing so extremely that all day and night we are trying to keep her safe.  All the docs want to do is try new meds, which may be a part of the problem.  Then a crazy neurologist, after knowing she is non-cognitive, vegetative, asked us if she could drive. WHAT?  How can we feel safe with no one to turn to?  My last writing was about us being alone in this and it is the truth.

Her current, main doc, will try to get another specialist out of the area to do a cam appt soon and hopefully we can reevaluate meds. A new med has helped her sleep, so I am thankful for that. But to have one’s body at unrest all day and night must be exhausting for Trina as well.  We just hope to find answers soon.

Mama is getting run down for the first time in almost 5 years. But, I am taking extra caution to eat better and exercise (walks) as often as possible to stay ahead of the tasks needed to allow Trina to feel happy that we are in this fight 100% for her!

Caregiving has its moments … we are human …

I encourage all of you out there to take only one day at a time and get as much good rest as possible to brave the new day with a smile.


Blessings and will check back in soon.ColorBrain

2015-08-01 15.59.56

We are on our own…

2015-08-01 15.59.56I learned a good lesson this month.  We have waited for 5 years to see a Neurologist.  All along we were told Trina would never see a Neurologist because Medi-cal doesn’t cover that expense.  Amazing, right. She has a brain injury and so she CAN’T see a specialist for that.  So, we moved on.  Then, Trina started grinding her teeth in an extreme way. We couldn’t stop it.  I read that Botox is given to anoxic brain injury patients (in the temple) and it stops the grinding. I told her regular Doc and he sent us to a Neurologist yesterday in Redding.  WOW I thought. I should make a list of questions for him to make the best of this appt.  We went in with high expectations for some answers and maybe even a brain scan to see if there has been ANY improvement. Well, my hubby had low expectations and I am the one with high expectations to be honest.

OK – First, this Neurologist comes in – No smile, no greeting and very little, if at all, eye contact.  He starts with Why are you here.  He asks about the history of Trina’s injury.  We talk about the anorexia, some of the bad habits months before her seizures, the seizures that couldn’t be stopped – hence her brain going a long time without oxygen, her coma, being in a sub-acute for 1 year, no cognition except similar to a baby of 6 months old….all of this conversation takes place.  He then asks us IF SHE CAN DRIVE?  And he orders a CT scan where the patient has to cooperate by laying on a table on their own when Trina would have to be hospitalized and sedated for such a test.  I mean REALLY – this guy has a license.  To say I was angry does not even begin to describe what happened in that room.  A child with zero understanding of her medical condition could have done better than this guy.  I am being polite not to mention his name but I did call his office and tell him how unhappy we were and that we will not be back.

I do not like to share negative stuff, but this really got me so had to vent a little.  The moral of the story is that we will just continue to enjoy Trina daily right where she is at and realize that we are alone in this.  Because she is an anomaly – no doctors really get it.  To see her for 10 min and not listen to the parents (I even bring video taping of her other behaviors to SHOW what a 24 hour time frame looks like) is usually how it unfolds.  We will continue to use our brains to do our personal research and help her in the best way we can…that seems to be the healthiest approach.

I have to say I do wish “the system” allowed for doctors to still show they care and partner with you for health rather than having so much worry about liability and seeing so many patients that you become like cattle as you come and go.  My hope meter is down regarding seeing doctors but my hope meter is always up as I trust God and I trust us to do the right thing.

Blessings to all and write again soon.  Thanks for checking in!!

Trina’s Mom, Sandy