2017’s START

Hello everyone and Happy New Year.

20151125_144815It’s been very difficult, obviously, to catch up on Trina’s site. Please forgive me – just so much going on. I left off describing that the end of 2016 was tough due to a car accident back in July. As a result, Trina has been suffering with seizures daily – and still is. Steve and I both also have been in physical therapy and chiropractic / massage therapies ever since. This has made our daily routine and care for Trina more complicated for us, so days are full. However, we remain joyful and hopeful that we will get back to where we left off…one day at a time.

Trina continues to amaze us with her beautiful smiles and amazing personality for someone who is in her condition. We’ve had to stay at the house most of the time (except for Dr appts) and so no special adventures that we used to do, but we have found a way to make that work – just focusing on a routine that is healthy for all.

We tried to get Trina an adult car seat but it was next to impossible to get her in the car into it, so sadly that has to be returned. One day we hope to have a handicapped van where we can put her in just by electronically lifting the whole wheelchair in and go! If any of you ever find a great deal on one – please let us know.

So not much excitement or news to share, but wanted to connect somehow for those of you who do check in periodically.

God Bless and talk again soon.

2 thoughts on “2017’s START

  1. Hi Sandy I have tried to look up trina on Facebook to keep updated but cannot find her. How is she listed ? Thanks so much……. peace and blessings Sherri martin louisville ky ( originally from northern ky…..remember me ??!)

  2. Sorry Sherri for delayed response – our website was down. Trina’s original facebook page which only I write on now is under Trina Roberts – all other sites are gone. I seldom write on it since so very few of her friends keep in touch. Help me remember your Louisville KY connection? Your name is really familiar…but I need a better example to stimulate my memory 🙂

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