A Good Month

Hello all.

October has now come and gone. Belated Happy Halloween. We have been taking Trina to the coast and it has been wonderful!  Also, we had caring friends visit (a first) and they did so awesome with Trina. Makes life so much better when you have tangible love appear.  Trina’s doctor finally found a new drug, after 8  months of trials, for sleeping better.  So, mom is now getting her 7 hours – YAY.  And, there is still screaming “at times” day and night but it is way, way better and more manageable. We are so thankful. It has been a difficult year and yet now as we head into the holidays we are experiencing some easier and more fun times.  We even had a caregiver for 3 hours one night and so we were able to attend a competition Trina’s sisters were in.  It was like a date! And, the caregiver we had now has a full time job but she said she can now and then watch Trina for us – and she is the only one so far that we found can “handle” all the difficulties. She is a can do person (Thanks Cindy!).  Other than that, it is a day at a time as always.

Blessings to all and we will write again soon.

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