As we approach Fall 2017 …

Thank you everyone for your patience with my inconsistent blogging. Not intentional. We are still buried in doctor appts. Some good news – we did purchase a handicapped van. Ironically, it took finding a deal in another state online to get the best price. It will be here in one week and we are SO EXCITED as it will be a life changer for us. This had become a necessity. I had a recent issue with Trina while trying to get her out of the KIA – it became SO difficult (due to changes in her from the car accident) and into her wheelchair that it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I personally just realized it was not not smart to carry on without a van, period. Safety is a priority.

Trina is still having seizures daily. We are hoping and praying that her doctor at UCSF will be able to turn this around. He’s been treating her for 9 months and well, it is just taking time and experimenting with different dosages of medicine.

No matter what – we are full of faith (though it is difficult to witness your loved one having seizures every day).

We continue to make home the happiest place for us all. We continue to take one day at a time.

Trina’s staddio (adopted dad) is doing better health wise with respect to his liver (lost 41 lbs). His neck is still a mess from the accident, too, and his pain is daily but again all we can do is embrace each day and make the best of it, being thankful for all that we have to be thankful for. We are all alive and can still laugh, hug and smile with one another. We have also had more visitors in the last couple of months and that has made life extra special. We went many years without any visitors, so it is a refreshing change. More are coming too in Oct!

Blessings to all. We will try to do better at our blogging 🙂

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  1. so happy to see your updates. Still praying but moved from northern ky to louisville ky. Peace and blessings…..

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