Better and better

Well, for many months I have written about a lot of trials with Trina’s health. Now I have a lot of praise reports:

1) Trina’s infection is GONE. YAY.
2) Steve, Trina’s step-dad adopted her (Katrina Leigh Harp).
3) I also changed my name so that we are all just The HARPS 🙂 I had kept my maiden name for many years and it was time to simplify.
4) It’s been a beautiful start of Spring with a lot of sunshine, so we’ve started again on our daily walks on the River Trail and Bike rides too. Love it.
5) We still go to the coast like once a month and can’t wait to take Trina to the beach again soon. This is our primary fun for the family.
6) I have one grand baby, now 15 months old, with another on the way from my other daughter. SO, Trina is an Auntie, soon to be again. Vada is amazed by Auntie Trina…Like why is she an adult and yet I am bigger than her and can do more than her? In a few years she will “get it” more. For now, it is cute and endearing to watch. This makes for a very busy household at Nana’s house. Thank God I have a lot of natural energy to handle it all. We are already ready for the next grand baby. Trina is surrounded with more family – yay.

So many blessings. So much love. So much to be thankful for. When I look at Trina’s room that so many helped with and even the other blessings that came through my parents that enabled us to handicap our home and add a therapy pool with ADA lift – I cannot look far without feeling so humbled by it all. For those that helped us in our time of need – you are forever in our hearts and to my parents in Heaven – hope you are smiling for all that you blessed us with.

One day at a time. Press through the tough stuff and yet embrace it, make your lemonade, and then give thanks daily for all the love :)20151123_145156

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