Summer is here 2017

For those of you who have checked in over the last year – it has been hit and miss for staying in touch. It’s been a hectic 12 months with doctor appts and this website was acting up, so blogs got behind! We really need prayers for Trina (and us). The car accident last year

2017’s START

Hello everyone and Happy New Year. It’s been very difficult, obviously, to catch up on Trina’s site. Please forgive me – just so much going on. I left off describing that the end of 2016 was tough due to a car accident back in July. As a result, Trina has been suffering with seizures daily

Hello Fall !

Well, Trina’s mom – me – is doing better with the stomach issues. My back is still in pain from the car accident (and my husband’s neck is a mess from the accident, too) , but Trina had her MRI completed with good and bad news. The good news is that her back and neck

Summer 2016

Thanks for checking in. It’s been a wild summer. Some good news and some continuing issues. What is awesome is that Trina’s infection in her feeding tube finally got healed. Yay! However, then she started having difficulties with her bowels. I will spare you the details, but that, too, is now better. Therefore, here we

Better and better

Well, for many months I have written about a lot of trials with Trina’s health. Now I have a lot of praise reports: 1) Trina’s infection is GONE. YAY. 2) Steve, Trina’s step-dad adopted her (Katrina Leigh Harp). 3) I also changed my name so that we are all just The HARPS 🙂 I had

Ups and Downs

Wow – another month is rolling by. And, though it’s been a rough month (which many have seen posted on Facebook)…with Trina’s tube being infected, to us having colds, and Trina’s flailing and screaming all being consistent throughout the day and night.  Yet, a New Day always comes and things are getting better. Especially when