Day by Day

Treasure each day for what it has in it.

For the last few months, I have found myself “feeling” the weight of Trina’s condition – mostly since we’ve had the blessing of seeing peace on her. These last months have involved a lot of disappointment surrounding doctor appointments as no one has a suggestion except to add more meds. So today I made a decision to embrace once again this new level with screaming as a norm and we must renew our attitudes and make the best of it. I cannot afford to let the difficulties tear me down emotionally as no one wins then. Trina deserves better and so do I.

The picture herein is of us recently taking her to the coast. We have new levels of having to help her not flail when outdoors (the stimulus is affecting her differently recently) but overall I am glad we keep trying no matter what. Quality of Life matters. I will never give up.

Being and staying HAPPY in this life often takes work. I was actually sinking a bit without realizing it over these last months and by the grace of God my spirit hit a place where I had to choose again to stand tall, dust all this icky stuff off, and regain the attitude that is win-win for all. Without God in my life I can easily see this type of situation smashing me. So, thanks God again for catching me.

Blessings are always visible in the storm but we have to choose to see them. My prayer is that as I age I can still remain the best caregiver and advocate I can be…not only to my disabled daughter but to the rest of my family.

This post is written by Trina’s mom and about my own feelings. Yet I must clarify that my posts are not just about me – this is a family endeavor. My husband is amazing and he loves Trina very much as do her sisters. Everyone is affected differently and could write a blog about their feelings, too, but for today – this is mom sharing her stuff.


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7 thoughts on “Day by Day

  1. Sending love to you from Australia.
    I think of Trina at times and wish her peace.
    Her story deeply saddened me when I saw it on Dr Phil a year or more ago.
    Wishing you all, all the best.


  2. Much appreciated Veronique. Life is a day-to-day venture for all of us, right. It’s just nice to know people care and we wish you blessings in your life as well. Thanks for keeping in touch. Have a very Merry Christmas too! Sandy (Trina’s mom)

  3. Please reach out to me. Just knowing that there is someone else in redding that is out there to help others is a gift of God.

    I am trying to learn and be as educated as I can. I am begging for the help for myself to be educated as my daughter is in the recover center


  4. Hi Melinda: We just got your message – so sorry for the delay. Can you give me your telephone number and I will call you. Trina’s mom, Sandy

  5. THANK YOU SHERRI – that means a lot to us. This is something we will deal with daily for a lifetime and love and encouragement are needed to make it. We trust God every day but human kindness goes a long way too 🙂 God bless you, Sandy (Trina’s mom)

  6. Thank you to all who have been in touch. My apologies for being behind in blogging and some times missing comments. Contacts have slowed and so have my habits. No excuse, but I wanted to give an explanation as my heart would have me catch everything the moment a comment comes in. Blessings to all of you who think of us. Please continue to keep in touch. I hope to be in better routine for 2016. Happy New Year too.

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