Thank you for visiting our Donation page. Donations provide items for Katrina that Medi-cal does not cover, especially when it comes to any customized needs.

With the help of donations, we have been able to provide Katrina with acupuncture treatments, a specialized swing, a custom safety chair and even a bicycle trailer to take her on rides with us.  Her arms and legs flail so her needs change often.  She also is hard on equipment, often needing replacing or to be upgraded.  Right now, we still do not have a safe and secure chair that will hold her just so she can hang with the family in the living room. We had a swinging chair and it became dangerous.  These are the types of things that require heading towards a “customized” search and all custom items are expensive and NOT covered by Medi-cal.

Our upcoming needs include: Medical apparatus to assist with her daily care. (Examples: adult all-terrain stroller, stand-up walker, leg brace, weighted vest, etc.). We rely on donations and fundraisers to meet these needs.

From Katrina’s family and caregivers, we thank you for your consideration and generosity.


1) PayPal Donations: To make a donation via PayPal, click on the donate button below. All donation funds are deposited directly into Katrina’s special needs trust account.


2) IN TRUST Deposit: You have three options for depositing money into Katrina’s Special Needs Trust Account. Instructions for each are listed below.

  • In-person deposit: Go to any Bank of America and make a deposit to her In Trust account (Trust title and account number are listed below).
  • Mail a check to BofA:  Mail a check to the Redding Bank of America branch at 1661 East St, Redding, CA 96001 (Made out to the Trust and account number noted).
  • Mail a check to us: Mail a check to our home address (Katrina’s parents and full-time caregivers) 2530 Harlan Drive, Redding, CA 96003 and we will deposit it for her.

Trust Title: Special Needs Trust for Katrina L. Tavares
Acct: 32500-2077512