Ever Changing

Well, Good News to report is that Trina’s screaming is doing better.  We had a lot of specific prayer and that helped, but we are only dealing with about an hour or two a day (on and off), which is tolerable.  Our new item is that she started Grinding her teeth.  I did research and learned that they are using botox of all things to stop grinding on brain injured patients.  So, the doctor has that in process “to be approved.”  It usually takes time to get this approved, but hopefully soon we will have the grinding under control.

We have a new caregiver that is working well.  It is very difficult to find someone who “gets” HOW to interact with Trina (like playing with a baby, but having to keep her safe) and it seems that she does understand.  She is also able to go on vacation with us, which is very helpful.

Besides this, we are basically getting into our good weather routine of taking Trina on daily walks on the River Trail in her stroller and also taking her on bike rides (pulling her in the “Wike” behind my bike) as often as possible.  We also swim with her almost daily. The water calms her and is a place where we can exercise her!

We are hoping soon to utilize our Blink of An Eye Foundation to do some speaking engagements and we continue to encourage referrals to our website here or the Foundation website (BlinkofaneyeFoundation.org) as we would love to help others however we can. Whether a person is dealing with an eating disorder personally or someone they know or a parent or if you are dealing with being a caregiver and losing hope and need encouragement, please contact us.  We want to share resources and the “hopeful mindset toolbox” we have developed with you.  Life can still be joyful in the midst of and beyond tragedy.  Be encouraged 🙂

A thank you to Lexus (seen in picture below with Trina) for visiting us and especially Trina-Bina the other day.  Trina LOVES to have visitors and she can feel the love.  I always hope for more of that!

Sending thanks and blessings to all.

From The Gift of LaughterTrina’s family



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