Here we go 2016!

It’s hard to believe we are in a New Year already.  I shared a few transparent emotions as the year was closing, but we always stand back up, so yay to 2016 starting.

Good news to report. We obtained a med specialist out of Sacramento (TeleCam Doctor) in November and he started Trina on a new regiment of meds to help her out of control screaming spells. We are not 100% out of the woods with this but it is at least 80% better.

And, we still are blessed that Trina can stand as we assist her as she take steps, but her balance remains out of whack, so steps are minimal these days. We do exercise her other ways as part of her therapy routine done in bed and/or in her chair in the living room. I sure do miss the days when I could walk behind her in a tandem manner with surety that we were both safe. People thought it looked silly as I would go around our block outside with me fully wrapped behind her. However, with her loss of balance, that no longer works and is no longer safe. I keep “trying” for as soon as she can we will again!

I believe all people caring for loved ones with brain damage would agree that it is UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN and the one thing you can count on is CHANGE. We have to respond positively to it all as the alternative way of living I don’t even want to consider.

Holidays were awesome as Trina got to see a total of 28 people, family and friends. We even took her to Six Flags briefly yet had to use a caregiver to help watch her in a warm room!  It makes my heart sing when she gets to see family and feel a part of everything. Winter is tough since we can’t get outside too much, but we still try to make each day fun and with quality in it for her (and for us).

Thanks again to those who check in occasionally and who show that they care. I do not want Trina to be forgotten. One of my most favorite things about Trina is that she has thousands of faces to share – with big smiles (as shown below). I am SO thankful for this as it brightens every day.

Blessings to you all. Check in again soon,

Sincerely, Trina’s mom Sandy


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