Summer 2016

20151123_145156Thanks for checking in.

It’s been a wild summer. Some good news and some continuing issues. What is awesome is that Trina’s infection in her feeding tube finally got healed. Yay! However, then she started having difficulties with her bowels. I will spare you the details, but that, too, is now better.

Therefore, here we are 2/3 through summer and get to enjoy it. So, almost everyday we do pool therapy for Trina. And, we take her to the coast and to the beach in her beach wheelchair. Getting back to these type of activities is wonderful after so many months of struggling with health issues.

Even Trina’s screaming has just recently improved because we started usually the holistic approach by using herbs put together by a company called “Rooted Moon.” The pharma prescribed by the doctors was not working!

Personally, we are taking each day with appreciation for the good days and the blessings. Tough days can so quickly beat you down that we have chosen to keep our focus on our faith and our blessings to stay strong and happy!

The big things we are working on right now is a new hospital bed and a better chair for Trina. Medi-cal only allows a very cheap-end bed where Trina needs a custom bed due to her flailing (which is a continued difficulty day and night). Her doctor wrote her a “custom prescription” but apparently Medi-cal says no. We are looking into other alternatives to find the right bed within the community or refurbished or ??? Open to ideas everyone.

At any rate, hope everyone is having a good summer. Thanks again for caring and checking in. One day at a time.

Blessings to all of you from Trina’s mom and family.

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