Summer Heat

July has been a hot one and thank God we have been able to take Trina into the pool almost daily.  We are able to exercise her in the pool as well as cool us all off.

Usually mom’s sanity comes from outdoor walks with Trina or pulling her behind my bike in the Wike, but not in this heat…

Trina had some issues this month, so we’ve had to go to the doctor and attempt new sleep meds as she and I were up for over 50 hours (she doesn’t sleep without meds and they weren’t working). She also has dark circles under her eyes from no sleep.  As a result we have second to second on-hands safety methods in play (when standing her), which is tiring for all.  But, knowing what a blessing it is that she can stand and has movement to keep her from curling – I will not complain about a thing!!  I just say thank you for her life and carry on.

My hubby, her “Staddio” continues to be amazing with Trina and she ADORES him. They have a super natural bond and I am so thankful for this.  I pray every day that he and I both can live long so that we can continue to care for her.

We finally get to take Trina to the Coast for a few days and this will be exciting and awesome to get out of the heat. And, we are traveling with her sister, her husband and our new grand baby, so it is an extra special trip coming up for sure.

One day at a time.  It’s great to be alive and to overcome any challenges caregiving yields as we have the opportunity of growing and learning daily. 20140326_164014


6 thoughts on “Summer Heat

  1. Hey there,

    Just wanted you to know that since Trina’s appearance on Dr. Phil, I have been checking on how she’s doing via this lovely blog every once in awhile, and donate whenever I can. I think you are nothing short of incredible. Sending you love and hope from Canada, God bless.


  2. Trina is so blessed to have you, as well as you are to have Trina with you. Your outlook on life and it’s tragedies and challenges and finding joy in the midst, inspire me. I never take life for granted.
    Always praying for you all………..

  3. Thanks Angela. That is very nice of you. As Trina’s mom – my prayers daily are that she continually make progress that the doctors don’t believe she can. She is our miracle for being alive and we do try to make life FUN, though caring for her has its daily challenges. Blessings to you and we appreciate you checking in. Sandy, Trina’s mom

  4. Thank you Sherri. I think we all have to take life one day at a time – even in a perfect day, right. Tragedy can be just another day that has to be met with the choice to smile and walk through “whatever” lands on us. That is all we are doing. It takes a little time to develop this type of attitude as I don’t think it comes naturally to anyone, but once it’s in place – every day is better and easier to embrace no matter what we face. Thanks for the compliments but we are just average people developing our attitude muscles to have a good and happy life even though we have a built in daily challenge every day. I am glad this is inspiring as we want to encourage others and not just end up a statistic on the negative post of life. Blessings to you and yours and thanks again for checking in. From Trina’s mom Sandy

  5. I hope she is sleeping better! i dont know how brain injury changes it but ive been on Nozinan for years for sleep and find it really good as it doesnt have a rebound effect, its calming, and its non addictive etc, although im lucky and a super sensisitve to it so dont even need more then 1/5th of a pill after years on it.
    Anyway i too have been following Trina since a few years ago when i saw the story on Dr Phil, i know you posted somewhere about it, but have you reconsidered that drug that has worked miracles on some people by waking them up from MCStates etc? xxxx

  6. Hi Jess: Thanks for following Trina and for checking in. We decided not to try that drug. I have done research and there aren’t enough pros, more cons to trying. I do not want to allow Trina to be a guinea pig so to speak and if something can set her back then we’d rather stay where we are and move forward as new things come available and as God allows. Trina is so amazing to me – her spirit is so sweet and innocent that it covers all the toughness that occurs in a day. The loud noises she was making are doing a little better and yet the flailing has increased with her legs, so she is in constant change daily. We simply accept that and do try things but slowly and wanna be sure we are sure. Again, thanks for caring. Blessings to you! Sandy, Trina’s mom

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