Summer is here 2017

For those of you who have checked in over the last year – it has been hit and miss for staying in touch. It’s been a hectic 12 months with doctor appts and this website was acting up, so blogs got behind!

We really need prayers for Trina (and us). The car accident last year has caused her many issues. Not only the fact that after no seizures for close to 7 years – they began right after the accident DAILY. We’ve had 1 to 7 a day for 9 months with many doctor visits trying to get them to stop, without success yet. In addition, the little balance she had is gone which makes her care double the work. It is very difficult to keep her held up to do her hair, get her dressed, etc. as she falls over now. Plus, we are limited as to what we can do and where we can go because of the seizures (her screaming too) and the added challenges without any balance to work with.

Of course we still have joy and peace and make the best of every day – that is how we roll (LOL), but life has more challenge to it and we had to adjust our days accordingly. We are home most of the time, but do have to travel to SF at least every 4 months for check ups and med changes to address the seizures. The balance cannot be recovered unless a literal miracle comes.

Trina’s “Staddio” – my husband Steve that is now dad because he adopted her has had health issues too (both from the car accident and now his liver), so most of our time is making the best health for all. I, too, struggled with issues from the car accident but the emotional strain of all 3 of us (as I handle all of the details) was stressing me out and I had an abuse occur during treatment that just forced me out of my own case. Justice doesn’t always prevail, but my focus had to be on Steve and Trina, so mom is healing at home with some inner peace spiritual work! One day at a time.

Last prayer request. We need a handicapped van so badly and they are so expensive. If anyone hears of one for sale near Redding, CA that is reasonable in price and in good condition, please let us know. With Trina’s new limitations (and ours) – we must be able to use an automatic lift where her wheelchair goes right into the car and we GO. Right now we have to tear down her entire wheelchair and put it back together each time we go on an errand. Time consuming and physical! Also in winter we all get very wet. Any ideas welcomed.

Hope all of you are doing well. We all have issues and so sorry to bore you with ours. A special thanks to those to have always shown us you care and check in.

God Bless from our family to yours…

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