Summer Trials Arrive

Well, thank goodness we had the great part of the summer to enjoy as the testing came just over the last 6 weeks. This time not from issues with Trina, but with mom. I am supposed to be the sturdy one caring for others not the patient.

So, the great outcome is that I dodged a bullet – stomach cancer. And, I learned that I need to change my diet. My prayer to God is always please let me live a long time and be strong and healthy so that I can continue to care for my daughter Trina and have the ability to be a good Nana to my grandkids. Catching this nasty thing in my belly early was an answer to my prayers!

The other challenge was that on 7/18/16 a young gal hit us from behind at a high speed, causing back and neck injuries (and Trina is still being tested as for her to have an MRI she must go t Davis and be fully sedated. This is scheduled for 10/5/16. Prayers are welcomed as it’s scary to have to have her under anesthesia. And, we pray that her back and neck are not injured like ours. The scariest new development is that Trina started having daily seizures just after the accident. We’ve never experienced her having seizures since we brought her home. We are hoping that this is a temporary situation and that it can be corrected.

Of course chiropractic care, massages, and physical therapy will help us get on the other side of this, but it all moves slower due to what it takes to have Trina obtain the same care.

Challenges are no more than an awareness that once you are back on track with life – every moment is so much more appreciated! I am glad to be alive. I am glad we were not hurt worse in the car accident (a big thank you to my husband who was quick enough to turn the wheel enough so that when her car pushed us 70 feet from behind – at approx 45 to 50 mph – that we didn’t hit the cars in front of us but went off the shoulder).

Life is such that we take ONE day at a time. Be thankful no matter what and keep the prayers up daily. We could not live this life without reaching out to God and seeing answers to prayers, seeing miracles in the midst of the storms that come and go!

Thanks for those who still check in. We seldom ask for donations anymore, but this site allows you to donate any amount and it really helps. Right now we are having trouble driving Trina around and need an adult car seat to keep her safely in (she flails and kicks and scoots herself down to where she kicks the ceiling of the car, so we have to keep pulling over to reset her into a safe position). The cheapest one I can find is normally over $2,400 but I found one on sale for $1,200…and hoping enough donations can come in to help with that.

Blessings and talk with you all again soon.

Sincerely, From Trina’s mom SandyPhotoGrid_1447189235475

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