Time Flies

Yesterday was our 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY – since Trina’s accident. WOW – where does the time go!

We are thankful she is alive and treasure each day, but this day is the ‘calendar day’ that changed our lives forever.

The young girl I gave birth to on 12/19/88 was no longer able to speak or understand or become what God intended as of June 3rd, 2010…

However, she knows she is loved. She has her family around her 24/7.. she loves to laugh – she is safe and secure. So LIFE is GOOD even after a tragedy. For us, it was a matter of trusting that all things are sifted through God’s hands; and with that fully embracing our life event with a happy perspective day-to-day.

Yes, so June 3rd comes once a year as a ‘marker’, but we say THANKS for LIFE and for all the blessings!

From the heart: Love your kids fully as you just never know what can change your tomorrow. Love you Trina-Bina!!

Picture 1:  Before Accident (Red and White striped dress)

Picture 2:  Day of Accident / June 3, 2010

Picture 3:  Current 2015 pic on a boat. Though she is still non-cognitive and unable to do anything for herself, she is beautiful and smiles all the time!  We pray that one day she can speak again and that she’ll have the ability to help us help her by being able to think.  We have seen many miracles and believe for more, but she remains like a little baby.  One day at a time….

Trina finally comes home

Trina before the brain injury

Trina in a coma

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